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Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Life

Your Mind Is A Powerful Tool

Fill It With Rational Thoughts & Emotions 

And Your Life Will Change... It's That Simple.

The 5 Steps To Changing Your Mindset Mind

Step 1:
Achieving Your Goals Requires Change

The first change of mindset that we need to understand is so easy that people miss it and fail to see the importance of it.

Even most guru’s, mentors and coaches miss this.

This is so powerful, it could change your life forever… are you ready

It’s the difference between being Interested and being Committed.

Being Committed

Four Main Types Of Mindset:

Scarcity Mindset:

Think and feel that there is not enough, not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources and not enough to go around for all.

Success Mindset:

Think and feel there is always enough, can always figure it out, see opportunities and possibilities, no shortage, there is always a solution to issues and problems and to everything.

Secure mindset:

Happy with your lot, happy with your little life’s comforts even though you know there is much more to have in life, frightened of rocking the boat.

These are a couple questions you could ask yourself at this point:

Are you willing to set aside what you know for something more?
Are you willing to learn, change and grow?
Are you ready to push yourself towards your goals?
Do you feel you are coachable?

Significant mindset:

There is more than enough, more than enough money to give, more than enough time, more than enough people to help, you receive by being able to give, there is never a shortage.

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Step 2:

Stop your mind over thinking so

you can change old beliefs & habits

You want to get rid of all self doubt so you can achieve your goals.

You know the way you think controls the way you act, but you just can’t seem to shake off those annoying old beliefs & habits.

You know these old beliefs & habits are holding you back, you feel you just can’t get away from them.

There is a lot of wrong information out there that can lead you down the wrong path of belief & habits.

So Understanding about the mind and how your mindset works is an important skill.

Your mindset plays a significant role in determining your Self-worth, Achievements and Successes.

Having success reaching your goals, starts by having the right mindset.

Lets continue along the path…

Your emotions and feelings regulate your behaviours.

They can get the better of you if you do not have the skills to manage them properly.

Neuroscientists focus on the brain and its impact on behaviour and cognitive functions, or how people think.

They also investigate what happens to the nervous system when people have neurological, psychiatric, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

A neuroscientist can specialize in a wide range of fields, from neuroanatomy to neuropsychology.

Research in this field can improve our understanding of both the brain and the body.

How they work, and the health issues that affect them.

Neurons communicate with each other through a space between them, called a synapse.

This communication is made possible by chemical messages, or neurotransmitters.

Basically, the pre-synaptic neuron releases a neurotransmitter, which binds to, and activates a receptor on the post-synaptic neuron.

A typical neuron can have thousands of synapses, or connections, with other neurons.

Together, they form extremely complex networks that are responsible for all brain’s functions.

Synaptic connections, as well as neurons themselves, can change over time, and this phenomenon is called neural plasticity, or neuroplasticity.

Do You Know Anything About Neuroplasticity?

A research team led by Director Myoung-Jae Lee from the Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group at DGIST has succeeded in developing an artificial synaptic device that mimics the function of the nerve cells (neurons) and synapses that are responsible for memory in human brains.

See the picture below which you can click to go to their website.

Step 3:

A Change Of Information

What people don’t realise is that your emotions act as the gas pedal to accelerate your success.

OR the brakes to stop you dead in your tracks.

Thought gives direction while emotion gives power!

You see, everything begins as a thought and grows into form as more energy is added to it. 

You may not be able to believe you can achieve your goal today - that’s ok.

Start with a new thought or burst of inspiration: “THIS is my goal. THIS is what I truly desire!”, and everyday, give more energy and emotion to the manifestation of that idea.

Create a strong burning desire for your goal to manifest and let this desire fill every cell of your being.

And what most people don’t realise is that its regulated by your conscious mind not the subconscious mind.

How would it feel to you to be more successful, more happier, more wealthy, and have a more peaceful mindset.

You will have more confidence, more excitement and be more focused on your life, your future and your retirement.

Lets go deeper along this path
Are you coming, fantastic, lets go…

#1. You must start with getting clarity and being precise on what you want to achieve.

#2. If you feel you can’t because of a limiting belief or fear, you can learn how to eliminate these disempowering emotions, this is just a hurdle to get over and being committed to yourself will get you over them, it’s an old mindset ready for change, I’m here to help.

#3. None of this works unless you say to yourself “I am no longer going to be interested, I am committed right now, no matter what” (say it again) (and again) (and again)!!! {this is Neuroscience at work}.

#4. Commit yourself to living your best life and commit to levelling up from who you are now, to have an exceptional life in the future.

Every time you want to do something that you are afraid of and you don’t do it.

You reinforce the “DO NOT TAKE ACTION” part of your brain and you end up back in the “Secure Mindset” the comfort zone.

Recreating the same results over and over again.

This is one of your opportunities to brake free and have more belief and self confidence in yourself.

And what you do for yourself and your self worth in this world from here onwards.

A mindset coach has a wide variety of tasks, and what they can help with is tailored to the individual.

They focus on clients existing beliefs and patterns of thinking,

A good coach works to help clients recognise, question and revise persistent patterns of thought.

But in general, a mindset coach can help you do the following:

*Gain Self-Awareness*

*Create Accountability*

*Increase Motivation*

*Set Realistic Goals*

Step 4:

What future Is in your

mindseye right now?

Humans have an innate, internal desire to get better.

Whether you’re getting better at creating art or getting better at making more sales calls per day.

We all have it, this desire to get better is ingrained in our DNA.

This desire to get better is one of the things that makes us human.

Getting better is something that we strive to do but find uncomfortably difficult, getting better at something requires Change.

Your brain hates to change, your brain looks at who you are and says, “I am not so bad the way I am”.

It thinks this because it is alive today, it thinks it's protecting you and keeping you in your comfort zone..

The fact that you’re alive and are decently fed is more than enough evidence to tell your brain that what you’re doing works.

The current version of yourself has kept you alive so far, so why change anything?

We know we can get better and learn to thrive, but our brain is focused on keeping us alive by doing the same things it already knows works.

This Is What Scientists Call The Lizard Brain

We all have a Lizard Brain, the Lizard Brain is really good at helping humans survive and adapt to situations when necessary.

On the other hand, it drastically hurts humans ability to change out of desire.

The Lizard Brain keeps us stagnant, and it takes some real mindful efforts to overcome this stagnancy.

Herein lies a major reason why you find yourself on Facebook at work when you know if you just picked up the phone and made your calls.

Life could be better.

By yourself, you may not know how to send the Lizard Brain to the backseat and let your higher brain power take over.

That’s where the coach comes in..

Through proper coaching, you can get to know your brain better and create better habits.

That will trump those basic instincts and push you toward a brighter, more productive future.

Step 5:

How Committed Are You To

Achieving Your Success?

As mentioned earlier, coaches provide you with unbiased feedback to help you improve.

Every once in a while, we need to get a big old wake-up, cold-water-shower kind of pattern-breaking call out.

The people you know and who love you may not have what it takes to give you a wake up call.

They may not know how to give you one, they may not even recognize that you need one.

On the other hand, a coach is trained specifically to give you that wake up call.

Coaches help people break their patterns in order to get to where it is that they want to go.

This pattern-breaking can be done with Online Course sessions or Personal Sessions, or maybe you prefer a combination of both.

Each experience has its own benefits, each one has drawbacks.

Click below for a description of what each scenario could look like for you.

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