I work with stressed out individuals and teams 

who are at risk of burning out.

“ Challenges make life interesting,

Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. ”

. Hi, I'm Carl Dunn CEO of Mindset Mind .

. It's Great To See You .

Together we can untangle what’s really going on and develop a mental fitness strategy that builds the strength needed to make positive changes.

We create the thinking and behavioural habits that support sustainable well-being and optimum performance - in work and beyond.

I want you to get back the passion and confidence that drives you and be the best version of yourself you can be.

Many of us are constantly locked in a battle to juggle work/life demands and competing priorities - I know I am!

I wish I could wave a magic wand and eliminate work and life stress…instead what I can do is transform your mindset and offer the tools you need to handle your emotions when the pressure mounts up.

The good news for me is that when that happens, much of the stress you experience melts away.

It doesn’t feel as threatening and instead you become adept at using stress to energise you.

And when that happens anything is possible.

Proof of training REBT

1/5 REBT Certified Badge

Proof of training

2/5 CBT Certified Badge

My Experience:

Since completing my first two courses of five with Transformation Academy in 2022, I'm building a career centred around supporting others to succeed beyond their expectations.

I'm now a certified practitioner of REBT and CBT Coaching, which is a ground breaking technique currently adopted by elite sports people, military, CEOs, politicians, Nurses & Doctors and now in our time, the general public. 

Together we work to align goals with values and wider purpose and train the brain to automatically trigger the desired mindset needed to overcome stress and the desire to quit when things get tough.

Additionally I'm in training for the Master Mindset certificate to become a practitioner of Mindfulness.

I am aiming to achieve my accreditation as a Master Mindset Coaching Psychologist in the coming years and as part of that have joined a Peer Practice Coaching in Education Group through Transformation Academy, so I can now help people see a different way of thinking so they can fall back in love with themselves, their lives, everybody and everything in it.

I hope you find what you’re looking for on this site.

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“Personal Development - 5 Best Practices”

You Want To Stop Your Mind Over Thinking

So You Can Change A Habit.

You Want To Get Rid Of All Self Doubt 

So You Can Achieve Your Goals.

You know these old beliefs are holding you back, you feel you just can’t get away from them, you make a plan, and write it down, you see your vision as clear as day.

But after a few goes at it, you give up because it’s just not working, and you end up reverting back to your old ways, but your goals are still close to your heart, and you say to yourself “I will try it another way soon”!

No, you know you won’t.. as you never get round to it.. It's not your fault, I understand.

I’m glad you’ve found your way here, as this is where I come in.

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