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Thea Westra Is Giving You Some Of Her Books:


Thea Weatra


Forward Steps Has Produced A Collection Of Free Ebooks

That You Can Explore At Your Leisure.


Positive life tips, inspiration, personal development, self improvement and a focused mindset.

To find for yourself an empowering thought or fresh life power tip.

Triggering a newly inspired action, enhancing your day-to-day experience of life.

Keeping you empowered and motivated to act, in achieving your personal goals, and stepping forward just a little more, every single day.

When we lose touch with those positive emotions, our source of personal life-power, and no longer challenge our self, then some of our days can begin to look a little like a treadmill.

You can now use these books, there are some free ones and some discounted, to raise yourself above the fray, on “those kind of days”!

“By publishing and sharing positive, thought provoking, self improvement content online (since March 2003), Thea shares many tips and resources that help us to keep stepping forward and that enhance our daily experience of life, adding wings to our unique life journeys!

Thea lives in Perth, Western Australia and is author of “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones”, creator of the Forward Steps personal development blog and the daily 365 Forward Steps Notes series.

“The Following List Of Books Are By Thea Westra At Forward Steps

More than a dozen of some of the best reads on the internet… all for FREE:

  • 179 Forward Steps. Read it [Here]
  • 365 Happiness Vibes. Read it [Here]
  • Making The Most Of Meditation. Read it [Here]
  • Unlocking The Law Of Attraction. Read it [Here]
  • 100 Life Power Tips. Read it [Here]
  • 20 Self Exploration Exercises. Read it [Here]
  • 88 Fun Thoughts About Life. Read it [Here]
  • A Little Book Of Flow. Read it [Here]
  • 15 Lessons For Success In Life. Read it [Here]
  • Believe In Yourself. Read it [Here]
  • Empathy And Compassion. Read it [Here]
  • And if that’s not enough there’s loads more [Here]

179 Forward Steps Book Cover
179 Steps Forward

  • Forward Steps Inspired Life Collection Bundle $67.00 Get it [Here]
  • 365 Forward Steps Notes $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • 365 Power Questions $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • Time For My Life $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • 49 Question To Inspire Change $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • 15+ Hours Self Improvement MP3s $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • 365 Positive Life Quotes $10.00 Get it [Here]
  • 365 Forward Steps $10.00 Get it [Here]

“The Free Ultimate Tool Kit”