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Growth Mindset was originally developed as a learning theory in education by Professor Carol Dweck.

Now businesses are starting to apply it to their organisations.

Research has found that companies that adopt growth approaches observe higher levels of trust between employees, higher levels of engagement, more creativity and innovation as well as a reduction in “unethical behaviour” and “blame game” cultures.

Through a series of experiments and discussions their Growth Mindset workshops explain what Growth Mindset is and explore how it can be developed in your organisation.


  • What Growth Mindset is and is not
  • Why Growth Mindset theory was developed
  • Why it is important to individuals and organisations
  • Case studies


  • How the brain develops
  • The effect of fixed mindsets on effort
  • The power of expectations


  • The role of mistakes in learning
  • Improving self talk
  • Creating a blame free environment
  • Development vs results


  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset thought processes
  • Better feedback


  • Evolved negative thinking
  • Encouraging a creative mindset
  • Preventing catastrophisation

These key mental skills together result in confident and focused people who are able to maximise their talent, delivering their very best when it matters most.


The success of a company relies on making the right decisions.

Good decisions create value, whereas poor decisions destroy it.

Fortunately good decision making is something that can be taught and trained.

Their practice covers the traditional areas of performance psychology, sports psychology and neuroscience.

Their origins are in working with elite athletes, that include Premiership footballers and GB athletes.

They have taken these same principles and helped many companies from a range of sectors to help their staff improve how they think.

The company is led by Edward Watson, a retired Army major and management consultant, and Bradley Busch, a HCPC registered psychologist.

They can help you and your team improve:

  • Mindset – develop a growth mindset to aid learning and performance
  • Leadership – understand what the four cornerstones of leadership are
  • Communication skills – say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Preparation – leave no stone left unturned in your quest for success
  • Confidence – so they act with clarity and certainty
  • Motivation – know what drives you and maximise it
  • Resilience – overcome any and every setbacks

These key mental skills together result in confident and focused people who are able to maximise their talent, delivering their very best when it matters most.



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Live Training

Inspiring & Engaging Growth Mindset Professional Development


Schools and organizations need professional development experiences that inspire and unite their staff

But most sessions offer a “one and done” approach and the impact doesn’t last beyond the first day.

Mindset Works Professional Learning: is different.

They’ve worked with hundreds of schools and organizations worldwide to craft custom growth mindset professional development solutions so that you’ll see lasting change over time.

Your team will gain a sense of purpose & connection and be prepared for whatever challenges come your way!

Their team of professional learning specialists offers the following formats for our professional development services: 

  • Webinars and Virtual Conferencing: Their staff is experienced at running engaging webinars that keep everyone involved and active. They provide action steps, tools, and resources to ensure that the work will continue after the session ends.
  • Keynotes and Talks: Bring a Mindset Works keynote speaker to your event and everyone will be talking! In 45-90 minute sessions They discuss growth and fixed mindsets, why they matter, and how we can change them, in both students and adults.
  • Breakout Sessions: For smaller groups at conferences, Their specialists’ rooms are always filled to capacity in Their high-energy and interactive breakout sessions. Topics range from Pre-K to higher ed, and can be customized for leadership, content-areas, and more. 
  • Workshops: Need hands-on, practical tools, advice, and strategies? Their team is skilled at translating growth mindset research into action for a variety of audiences. Their team expertly facilitates large and small groups for workshops ranging from 1 hour to 2 full days.

Their topics include:

  • Growth Mindset Classrooms
  • Growth Mindset School Cultures
  • Shifting Mindsets
  • Growth Mindset Leadership
  • Growth Mindset Parenting
  • Mindset Research and Theory
  • Growth Mindset in Higher Education  


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