How a Positive Mindset Can Boost Your Life.

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Life is full of setbacks, so why not give up? 

Because anything is possible with the right mindset.

Do you ever think to yourself, "My situation has always been the same - I just need to play the cards I'm dealt with"? 

If you have done this, you are holding yourself back with a fixed mindset.

Alternatively, a growth mindset means that you prosper despite challenges and obstacles, because you see them as catalysts for change and don't see failure as a way to describe yourself.

Events or actions that don't work out as you intend or desire are your learning experiences, they are the way to grow in every facet of your life and a way to further develop your abilities. 

Your intelligence, talents and, most importantly, wisdom require setbacks to stimulate fundamental transformation and growth.

Sometimes when people are unhappy with their situation in life, they believe changing their location will improve things.

Perhaps they say, "If I lived there and not here, everything would be ok." 

However, they often find that their original problems, difficulties and challenges have moved with them after moving to their new home. 

If they have a fixed mindset before moving and also have one after, they may be happy for a short while, but soon the reality of the struggles in their mind will return. 

Regardless of circumstance, a growth mindset trumps all.

Have you ever been alone in an isolated location for a long time? 

I know someone who grew significant skill sets.

They lost 40 pounds, reclaimed good health and built a startup business while dealing with a location challenge.

They were alone for almost a year during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For them, the "pain" of solitude was ultimately a gift, and they used it wisely.

The key to real change is commonly elusive: Changing your mindset, being happy with everything you already have and being grateful to wake up to another day. 

Sound simple?

But usually it is not. 

When several challenges arise, it is human nature to feel overwhelmed.

After a while, we can feel like boxers in a boxing match, taking one blow after another, especially if we get caught up in the negativity and sensationalism that is often permeating from the news. 

It can make us think the next blow is just around the corner.

Instead, we need to contend with these thoughts and emotions daily by assuming and wishing that the next thing that happens to us will be positive. 

Being surprised and delighted when something nice happens, and treating it like something that is undeserved, will completely change your life.

When internalized, chased daily and pursued during critical periods of meditation and reflection, such positive thinking will change outcomes for us.

It is essential to make time for ourselves for this kind of reset.

For example, if we change our minds to be in a growth mindset after we wake in the morning and before the day starts, also as needed during the day, and at the end of the evening before bed, we will live a far better life. 

This takes energy and focus but is more than worth it.

Living, talking and breathing positivity in, will draw positivity into your life, attracting beneficial opportunities and outcomes often dismissed as impossible in the past. 

Our words become actions, our actions become habits, and others will notice and be positively impacted. 

A kind word or thought to ourselves and others, that is genuine and can naturally emerge from this energy will also open new doors for us. 

The constant process of focusing on being positive can make radical differences in "what happens" to us.

Instead, we are driving change instead of it driving us, and for the better.

Very often, people think that money will solve all their problems. 

However, having a lot of money will only last so long if they have the wrong mindset.

For example, many professional athletes - often highly paid - are bankrupt five years after retiring.

Without the right mindset - for example, to focus on being an investor and not a consumer - you will always have problems with money. 

A growth mindset will direct your thoughts and actions to "how can I grow my money, invest carefully, learn from mistakes, and get better at it?" 

Conversely, a fixed mindset may lead to an unwillingness to exercise deferred gratification, that "while we have it, we'll spend it."

A growth mindset will allow the purchase of luxuries later, with profits from investment rather than salary.

Given that a growth mindset and an investor mindset are tightly coupled, it further demonstrates Mark Cuban's advice, "live like a college student". 

Such an approach can lead to lasting success.

Great thoughts lead to real action, and positive action will eventually lead to positive results.

Staying positive relentlessly and remaining in a growth mindset is the key to lasting success.

Such a perspective will help us clear out thoughts of feeling like a victim, and instead, become a surviver, we will see all the obstacles we overcome as another chance at victory, and thus we will become the victor.

Thank you for reading this article “How a Positive Mindset Can Boost Your Life”.

I really hope that you enjoyed it and will take action on the advice given in this article.

I wish you good luck on your journey.

I hope its contents have been a good help to you so this year can be your best year at achieving your goals and ambitions.

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November 23, 2022 in Mindset Mind

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