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If we are surrounded by upbeat positive people, it tends to rub off on us too and if we are happy we tend to lift the mood of everyone we meet.

Like the Pig of Happiness if you are happy then your mood will impact on your friends.

But according the Sunday Times on 1st March 2021* it gets scarier than that:

The presence of a non-depressed friend, i.e. a happy person, significantly reduces your chances of feeling depressed BUT a depressed friend is six times more likely to make you depressed than that happy friend is to make you happy.

This is so important I’ll say it again: A mood hoover is six times more likely to depress you than a happy person is to make you feel happy.

So, for every friend who lowers your mood you need at least six friends who make you feel good to be around.

And how do you get those?

Be more Pig!

*US Professors Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler in the Framingham Heart Study from 1971 to 2003.

This is part of a blog from a company that has been delivering NLP training for over two decades.

NLP UK Training is run by the team at Quality Culture.

They’re a growing team of NLP coaches and specialists and they believe everyone has an inner wisdom, call it a seam of gold if you like.

Their purpose is to help people discover their inner wisdom, enabling them to be even better people able to get more done both personally and professionally.

They are one of the the UK’s leading supplier of NLP courses and NLP training and want to help you write yourself a better story.

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A Personal and Executive Coach since 2005 Lorna is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Master NLP Coach.

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As a passionate learning & development specialist, trainer and public speaker I am dedicated to helping businesses maximise their leadership and management potential.

Want to be the best version of yourself?

Want to find more success and write yourself a better story?

Let them help.

They run a variety of NLP courses throughout the year both online and in person across the UK.

They’re certain that after a quick chat with you, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction so that you can achieve your goals and find your seam of gold.

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July 23, 2021 in Mindset Mind

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