Having a True Warrior Mindset.

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The Warrior Mindset


Also known as the Entrepreneur Mindset.

Do you ever feel like life is difficult and to hard?

Like sometimes it can be a struggle to even get out of bed in the mornings and face all the thing that you need to do today?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired and stressed?

And what you have to do today seems to much like hard work?

I understand, you have a lot of things to do, maybe you have debt, maybe you’ve got aches and pains in your body even though you have slept 8 hours, and your feeling sorry for yourself.


Todays Warrior


Lets imagine the true warrior of today

Let’s imagine somebody who is sleeping rough, they are unsure whether they will even see the morning, but they do, there is no time for a nice shower or a satisfying breakfast, they jump right into action.

Or maybe they are a soldier in the battlefield, they have to ignore their wounds, the enemy is upon them and they have to take aim and fire and take lives, they see comrades being shot and killed right in front of them.

But hey I understand, you are tired, you had to work late yesterday.

Ok, what I’m actually getting at is that your life, and mine for that matter, is not that hard is it?

You may feel it’s hard, and think it’s very difficult.

But honestly there are lots of people with much worse lives than ours, there are people who live all around us with both physical and mental illnesses or people that haven’t got work or two coins to rub together.

And they get up out of bed with dignity and a bravery that puts most of to shame.

Well the warrior mindset isn’t actually about combat, or the hooligans who start fights

to feel hard in front of their so called friends.

This is as far from being a true warrior as it gets,

You could ask anybody who has been on the battlefield and seen combat first hand if they would waste their energy or risk harming their selves on looking for trouble.

They would look at you very strangely don’t you think?


True Warrior


The real Warrior Mindset is very different

  • It’s about knowing what you need and getting up and going for it.
  • It’s about being truly hard and it’s about not letting the little things run you down.
  • It’s about pushing through to what you know is right.
  • It’s about having responsibility and difficulties on your shoulders and carrying them with dignity and pride.
  • It’s not about letting your emotions get the better of you.
  • It’s all about not making excuses and trying to find the easier route to solve your problems.



What is the Warrior Mindset?

Where does this saying and approach come from?

what’s the theory behind the Warrior Mindset?

Well it comes from our romantic image of the medievel warrior and from our reported history.

It comes from stories of our brave men and women who fought real battles whilst keeping a cool head, ready to sacrifice themselves, and who have done incredible acts to save others.

We both know that not every warrior fits into this role, for every true warrior that puts themselves in the line of fire there is a thousand more that would want to run away and wouldn’t take a bullet for his or hers fellow warrior, very few unfortunatly feel like warriors when under fire by the enemy.

But it’s that image of the perfect warrior that we are focusing on here, and our visions of the greatest warriors to have existed, like the samurai or the Spartans.

The point being is that some people can stay cool, calm and collected in the most desprate of situations, some of us always forge ahead and don’t allow the lack of normal comforts to get in the way.



These type of people put the rest of us to shame

And make our complaints and excuses seem very minor indeed.

Now just imagine you had the same mindset of these warriors and applied it to your every day life, instead of thinking about how tired and suppressed you are, instead of getting distracted and tempted to come up with excuses, would instead push yourself forward with an unstoppable bulletproof mentality.

I believe that your so called enemies would buckle and shake in there boots knowing there would be nothing they could do to stop you over coming your work obstacles, relationship desires and your money plans, they would all crumble under your will power.

If you were to apply your iron will and Warrior Mindset to your moden lifestyle, you will get an extreme efficiency, determination and pride, self determination and self sufficiency, which are traits that make you strong and that will help you get what you want.

They are traits that make you good parents, good friends, good work mates and good lovers and partners, they’re traits that will help you to live with yourself and to earn respect and admiration from others.

Just imagine if you had the mental strength to sit in a freezing cold bath for hours on end, imagine if you wasn’t phased by lifes threatening situations.

Take those traits now and put them up against the totally measly challenges most of us face today, they would loose all strength and fall like dominos.

Having a Warrior’s Mindset and going through modern life is like being Arnold Schwarzenegger and having to lift 5kgs, developing the Warrior Mindset is like a workout for your mind your philosophies and your soul.

It will make you unstoppable.

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August 21, 2021 in Mindset Mind

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