What Is R.E.B.T.? And How To Benefit From Using It.

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What is REBT?

And Why Is It So Great?

Albert Ellis

It is the SCIENCE of how your mind works!

  • R – ational.. It tells us the truth that most of the time, human thinking is pretty irrational. The good news is that when we think more rationally, our lives are better.
  • E – motive.. It tells us that our emotions are affected by what happens, but not directly by what happens... It is our irrational thinking about what happens that causes our negative emotions.
  • B – ehavioral.. It tells us that most of the time we act based on how we feel, and as we just said how we feel depends on what we think about what is happening around us.
  • T – herapy.. In this case it stands for teaching or training or techniques, and it refers to the fact that this is a process that can be LEARNED.
  • Achieve an astonishing 98% success rate with this proven system and become happier, more rational and understand how to become a top performer in no time.

    It can be applied by you, once you have learned the system (it only takes a few minutes to learn).

    Almost no resistance (Can be applied by you, why would you resist changing you for the better you).

    Easy to learn and easy to teach.

    Can be used forever.

    Great for most disorders/problems.

    Take a FREE short course that is hosted on a site called Alison, it's explained in easy to understand terms by professor Paul. (You can also get a cetificate, if you want to purchase, it will cost you:

    Digital Certificate, pdf only = £23.00
    Downloadable Certificate, pdf + print = £30.00
    Framed Certificate, pdf + framed print = £40.00

    Here's what you will get inside this free course:

    Module 1:

    Introduction & Origins Of REBT

    What is REBT? And Why Is It Great?

    The Origins Of REBT

    Basic Principles of REBT That Can Change Your Life

    Module 2:

    REBT – Live Demonstrations

    Demo Video 1 – The Power Of REBT To Change Your World!

    Demo Video 2 – The Power Of REBT To Change Your World!

    Module 3:

    More About REBT

    Banning Negativity From Your Life!

    Banishing The Negative Beliefs That Hold You Back!


    The Power OF Questions To Change Your Life


    REBT – The Science Of Re-Programming Your Mind! – Course assessment

    And its a free course, give it a go on Alison you will be amazed at how well it works at changing your thoughts, emotions and your life.

    Thank you for reading this article “What Is R.E.B.T.? And How To Benifit From Using It.".
    I really hope that you enjoyed it and will take action on the advice given in this article.
    I wish you good luck on your journey.
    I hope its contents have been a good help to you so this year can be your best year at achieving your goals and ambitions.

    May 6, 2023 in Mindset Mind

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