What is REBT? And Why Is It Great?

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Albert Ellis

This is my review of a FREE short course that is hosted on a site called Alison, I love how it is explained in easy to understand terms, so i have put it on here to let you watch it too, I`m sure you will enjoy it.

Albert Ellis – (Author 1950`s) who lived in Clearwater Florida, passed away a few years ago
Why Is R.E.B.T Great

  • R – ational
  • E – motive
  • B – ehavioral
  • T – herapy

  • It is the SCIENCE of how your mind works!
  • 98% Success Rate!!! (When Applied)
  • Can be applied by you (only takes a few minutes)
  • Almost no resistance (Can be applied by you, why would you resist changing you for the better you)
  • Easy to learn and easy to teach
  • Can be used forever
  • Great for most disorders/problems

Module 1: Introduction & Origins Of REBT

What is REBT? And Why Is It Great?

The Origins Of REBT

Basic Principles of REBT That Can Change Your Life

Module 2: REBT – Live Demonstrations

Demo Video 1 – The Power Of REBT To Change Your World!

Demo Video 2 – The Power Of REBT To Change Your World!

Module 3: More About REBT

Banning Negativity From Your Life!

Banishing The Negative Beliefs That Hold You Back!


The Power OF Questions To Change Your Life


REBT – The Science Of Re-Programming Your Mind! – Course assessment

And its a free course, give it a go Alison

The Ultimate Free Tool Kit

July 10, 2021 in Mindset Mind

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